Loyalty program

  Here we present the new Akina loyalty program for loyal customers. Important !: Applies only to end consumers.


1.) Loyalty program

Collect points (Akiny) for buying the products and get a discount on your next purchase!


2.) How to register?

To join our Loyalty Program, just register here. Every registered customer is automatically included in the loyalty discount program. To earn points, you must sign in with your account each time you place an order.


3.) How many points do I earn?

You can see how many points (Akin) you get by purchasing the product in the product detail. Points from all products are added to the order.




4.) Crediting to account

Points will be added to your account after the invoice has been created, not immediately after the order is sent.

5.) Where did we split the points?

The product detail shows how many points you will get by purchasing it. For the time being, we have distributed all loyalty points to our Akina products. These are Caty, Bely, Sippy, Akina Masicek, Chewing Gums, Biscuits, Dental, Milk, Beds, Scratchers and many more from the AKIN collection.


6.) How to use collected points?

And the best eventually ;-)

1 point (Akin) = 1 CZK


If you use points to reduce your purchase price, you can use 100, 200, 300, ...

The number of points cannot exceed the total order price.

If you have a value of at least 100 points, it will automatically offer you a discount in the first step of the cart. It is up to you whether you use the discount or you will save your points on another order (in this case do not press the APPLY button).


7.) Additional information

The number of points available for use in the purchasing process is limited by the maximum purchase value (excluding shipping).

The number of points available for use in the shopping cart is pre-humiliated by points from unfinished previous orders.

Points can only be used as described above. Points cannot be changed for money.

The store operator reserves the right to change the conditions for discounts or to terminate the discounts. AKINU CZ s.r.o. further reserves the right not to assign a discount in special cases without giving reasons.

Loyalty program does not apply to Business Partners! Only end customers can redeem points.

When returning the goods (withdrawal from the contract) the points for the product are automatically deducted.



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